skate bearbrick


this is a birthday present for myself


i’m in CDM!


my totally oldskool rig was featured in CDM (Create Digital Music).
check it out here. my utmost sincere thanks to Peter Kirn!

“a lickety-spit online portfolio sans the headache.”
that’s Carbonmade, i have my portfolio there too!
you can check it out here.



i’ve fallen into the MySpace trap and have my own account now…
if you are somehow interested/curious, click here.

a friend of my wife is in need of a cool birthday present.
leftover Pylox spray paints, recycled IKEA boxes, a Dunlop guitar pick, and a few blank discs later… “Shima’s Mix” compilation CD is born!

room poster


wall poster for an 18yrs old client

produced with the help of a really old picture, and a few friends

my little portfolio booklet