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first job


first job for 2009: the new ECHOINMYHEAD studio namecard Advertisements

new beginning


highlight of the year 2008: a boring $2 card-case transformed into a nasty-tasty rainbow spit-splattered beauty! thanks to a bagful of Pylox spray paints. from ECHOINMYHEAD, happy new year!!!

last job for 2008: recreating the new look for Global Chaos’ MySpace site

kala kesurupan


cd design and artwork for an independent release by Global Chaos

just got to updating the “look” of my own MySpace page. take a peek and a listen here.



e-poster for a guitar clinic by a local musician

house of suri


i designed a business card for my ever lovely wife. she runs the equally great blog “House of Suri”. you can check-out the blog here.